About Us

Hi there!

We are firm believer in fighting for relationship and giving each other flowers to say how much you love one another because love is always worth it.


Hi, I'm ed!

I currently live in Davis, CA and I'm pursuing my passion of photography and film. Hooray! 

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Hi, I’m Maggie!

The first thing I ever said to Ed was “Hi, big fan.” Back then, I was a huge fan of his photography and vulnerable blog posts. Two years later, we are engaged and I can say I’m an even bigger fan of who he is and how he does life. If you’re an enneagram fanatic like me, I’m a four and he’s a seven, which makes our relationship very exciting and adventurous. My biggest passion is to cultivate a safe and happy home with him. We’re both learning how to mix our dreams with who Jesus is creating us to be and I’m so happy to do it together. I’m thankful for Ed, my closest friend, who lets me drink lots of boba and endlessly thrift shop until I can find the most comfortable sweater.


Simply put, we love LOVE. We strongly believe that love is why we are all created and I want to help you capture those special moments.

To use my gifts to change the world. How I communicate and treat others have a ripple effect that will change the world. No matter what I am doing, my number one goal is to demonstrate the kindness and compassion Jesus showed the world. 



UC Davis Graduation Photographer | 4 years

Wedding Photographer | 6 years

Filmmaker | 10 years

The Waiting List Film | Director & Editor