To answer the question: where do you get your ideas? If it's not an inspirational instagram post, it's literally just wandering around until we find something cool and say "OH! LET'S DO THAT!" 

This week, the rain has caused a bunch of puddles to form so we thought, "oh, it'd be neat to get a jumping in a puddle picture". Well, we found a puddle. A big puddle actually. Actually, it was more like a flood. Yeah, so we found a mini flooded road. As you can see in the set below, we started off pretty modest- jumping carefully in the puddle. Until suddenly, we both knew it was time to go all in. Props to Smo who endured the cold, murky waters. Splashtastic. 

Aaand the aftermath of the shoot was a boot full of water. Bootfull. Bootful. Bootiful. Beautiful. Yes, beautiful.