Hello! Welcome to my first blog post! I'm excited to start writing more and providing insight and personal stories behind my work. I'll be trying my best to post at least once a week so be sure to drop by occasionally or follow me on facebook and instagram. Ok, here we go! 

I met Josi about a year ago at my christian fellowship. She studied abroad here from Germany last year and we became friends over the quarter. This summer, she got a chance to visit Davis again, so we were both excited to able to take some pictures again. 

We started off by squeezing our way through some sunflowers. The sun was glaring down on us in extreme heat so I definitely wanted to shoot back lit (I made a post explaining back light vs soft light for those who are interested). For this frame, I wanted to go for a "freedom!" kind of feel, so I told her to lift up her hands as if she giving God a hug. 

I kind of wanted to go for a "oh-just-taking-a-stroll-through-a-sunflower-field" kind of feel, so I told her to just walk towards me and look at the sunflowers. When it got too hot and we got all the shots, we headed over to somewhere shady and took some more pictures. 

Towards the end, we tried to do a fun jumping shot in the middle of the street, but I couldn't find any good lighting to do it. The shadows casted by the trees were a little distracting. So, we improvised a little bit. Nonetheless, it was a fun shoot! Josi had to head back home to Germany the next day. (perhaps a trip to Germany is due in the future!)