Love language


I took this picture of my parents going on a thanksgiving walk. Growing up, I never really saw any form of physical affection between my parents. I thought this was normal and everyone’s parents were like that. Still, something in me wished that things would be different- I always thought to myself, “when I get married, I’m going to do things differently.” As I grew older and began to experience relationship for myself, I learned that people are so greatly shaped by their past. I am shaped by my parents and my parents were shaped by theirs. I know physical affection doesn’t come naturally for some. But then again, verbal affection or service affection, doesn’t come naturally for others either. I don’t think we were all naturally born as perfect lovers in all aspects. But I do believe that we have our whole lives to learn how to become one. And whether I’m in my 20s, 30s, or 80s, my dream is that I’ll never stop learning how to love with all I got.