Hello! I'm ed

I am a photographer, film-maker, Jesus-lover, traveler, dog-lover, son, friend. 

I currently live in Davis, CA and just graduated from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor's in Managerial Economics. 

I'm currently pursuing my passion of photography and film. Hooray! 

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Simply put, I love LOVE. I strongly believe that love is why we are all created and I want to help you capture those special moments.

To use my gifts to change the world. How I communicate and treat others have a ripple effect that will change the world. No matter what I am doing, my number one goal is to demonstrate the kindness and compassion Jesus showed the world. 


Notable works

The Waiting List Film | Director & Editor

UC Davis Graduation Photographer | 2 years

Wedding Photographer | 4 years

Filmmaker | 8 years